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Oral Presentation


1. Oral presentations are limited to 10 minutes each.

2. Windows PowerPoint 2017 with the standard fonts (e.g., Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri) could be used for presentation is recommended. Movies, videos and any external files MUST be embedded in PowerPoint presentations, or you have to bring the separate video files with your USB flash drive and submit them along with your presentation file.

3. Please visit our Speaker’s Ready Room (Meeting Room 3A) to submit your presentation slides at least 3 hours before your presentation and arrive the conference hall 15 minutes before your presentation begins.

4. Speaker’s Ready Room opening hours:

 07:00-18:00 April 26, 2024

 07:00-18:00 April 27, 2024

 07:00-11:00 April 28, 2024

5. Oral Presentation speakers should NOT display posters.